The Shape of Gone

This project is a cooperation between photography and nature. The traditional photographic process of wet cyanotype makes chemistry and materials collide. I have collected a variety of plants and used cinnamon powder with a special fragrance. Driven by water, I used this as a new combination to make works while applying the cyanotype process through exposure on pre-prepared dry sheets of photosensitized paper. 

The seemingly simple production carries the pressure and emotions I felt in the moment. Plants were consciously placed on the paper, and the originally dried and coated paper became damp again under the effect of water, even making the whole production fall into chaos. Under the sunlight, the paper released moisture from the water it had absorbed, and was then covered by plastic wrap, making the original visualization process more mysterious. The blue and green rushed off of the original edges, making the picture more dramatic. All unpredictability makes each piece of work bear its particularity and individuality. At the same time, each shows its consistency because of the same production process and exposure time. 

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